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Choco-Lot Lava Cakes – Easy Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe Made with REAL Cocoa

  Here at Well Hot Coffee, you may have notice we are focused on natural living / non-toxic living. That means the recipes will be too! (As close as possible) The recipe you see here was featured in Well Hot Coffee’s Simple Meal Planner. Related: Cronometer – The FREE App for Food Logging Success How […]

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16 Things That Keep Me Sane As A Working Mom

Parents, employees, and homemakers all need things stay sane.  You work SO hard, it’s time to cut you some slack. Here are 16 things that keep me sane as a working mom:   Coffee Yes, Coffee. #1. Need I say more? OH BUT I will. Every mombie out there knows that a day without coffee is […]

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32 Ways To Achieve Financial Wellness

In our world, financial wellness is the core of safety and security. You may have read up on this in my post How to Punch Every Day in the Face #Adultinglikeaboss.  Instead of survival of the fittest, we have now evolved to survival of the smartest.  Money is our system and we must handle it […]

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How to Meal Plan Like a Boss and Why Meal Planning Is Important

        Everyday, three times a day for weeks, months, and years I dreaded planning and preparing meals and anything to do with meal planning.  It was absolute resistance. Finally I gave in. Why is it that we need or want to meal plan? What’s the point and purpose to all of it? […]

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The Holidays are Coming – Pros and Cons of Real vs Artificial Trees

      Get your holiday swag on this year.  It’s a perfect time to get a head start on the holidays.   Not many folks realize it, but that beautiful bushy tree you set up each year carries some risky business with it.  The traditional tree is made of plastics, chemicals, and treated with […]

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14 Ways to Make Your Kids Better Readers and the Importance of Reading Aloud

  Either you already read to your kids, you are a soon to be parent, or you are planning to have that experience someday.   What is one thing you know very well about kids? They thrive on imagination.     So give them more of it by reading aloud with them. Hearing stories strengthens […]

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Up Your Coffee Game with the CHEMEX Coffee Brewing Method

    Imagine if you actually took time to smell the coffee.   Well Hot Coffee!  There’s something beautiful called a Chemex.  It’s a very simple eco-conscious product that will light up your coffee drinking life. For strong coffee, there’s a specific brewing method that you can read later in this post. The brewing process does […]

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21 Unique Gift Ideas for Her

  Mighty Leaf Teas A gem for tea loving mommas.  They offer USDA certified organic teas, both tea bags and loose leaf. (and their teaware is so practical)  I personally love the Organic African Nectar and *bonus* it supports funding day care and child education programs in the Oudam Farm in South Africa.  Well Hot Coffee! […]

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