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8 Tools to Discover Your Higher Calling or Life Purpose

  People of all ages are still figuring out their life purpose. Before the Harry Potter series, Author JK Rowling was a single mother living on welfare. Tony Robbins was once a broke janitor in LA before landing his dream as a motivational speaker.  The amazing Oprah persevered through a challenging childhood and became an […]

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5 Rules for Positive Mental Health and Well-Being

  If you are an empath, healer, or just in general “in tune” you may have noticed the shifts happening in the last couple of months.  It has been exhausting mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. A lot of you are probably now breaking through the stagnation that bound you to depression and anxiety, and for that- […]

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How to Create a Vision Board and Harness the Law of Attraction

  Visualization Similar to the law of attraction, visualization is the mental act of bringing images into your mind.  These images are specific to what you want to create in your life. Visualization is the first step of manifesting your dreams.  Imagining activates certain networks of neurons in your brain. These are pathways that link […]

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Reset and Restore with Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep

              Yoga Nidra If you like napping, yoga Nidra is for you.  It takes anywhere between 15-30 minutes and can feel like 2 hours of restful sleep if you do it right.  Yoga Nidra translates to “yogic sleep” so no wonder it is so relaxing. It allows the mind […]

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Use Positive Notes In Your Space to Stay Motivated

    What do you do when you feel run down? You forget how awesome you are! Use these positive notes around you to keep your awesomeness around all the time.   Whether you are trying to call in more positive energy into your life or if you are trying to meet a personal goal, […]

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3 Steps to a Successful Morning Routine

The snuggle was real.  Morning after morning I held tight, hiding beneath my 5 layers of bedding, keeping the warmth contained within my blanket fortress every last second I could. The comfort of my bed was far greater than getting up and walking across the room in the dead cold to turn off the alarm. […]

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How to Meal Plan Like a Boss and Why Meal Planning Is Important

        Everyday, three times a day for weeks, months, and years I dreaded planning and preparing meals and anything to do with meal planning.  It was absolute resistance. Finally I gave in. Why is it that we need or want to meal plan? What’s the point and purpose to all of it? […]

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Ayurveda and a Balanced Life – Pacifying the Vata Energy

        Ayurveda is the science of life.  This ancient practice goes beyond the treatment of illness and seeks to reveal an entire body of insight into vitality and full human potential.  Ayurveda recognizes that human beings are part of the dynamic integration of nature, thus balance is necessary between our inner and […]

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Health Boosting Bone Broth

        Bone broth is an incredible addition to any diet.  Technically, it is stock, but is richly infused with vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system and improve digestion.  Bone broth supports hair, skin, nails, joints, collagen, and connective tissue.     Well Hot Coffee!       RECIPE: 5-6 lbs […]

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What “Good Vibes” Means: An Interview With A Reiki Master

We hear a lot these days about healing energy, crystals, yoga, and people having “good vibes.”   But what does “good vibes” really mean? Well Hot Coffee, I was fortunate enough to meet a gem of a young lady named Robyn who carries an abundance of good vibes with her and shares them with everyone she […]

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