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We always encounter experiences that pivot us to pull our attention inward. That is the process of self discovery.  We are given experiences in this world that we must work through in order to learn lessons and build character.

The purpose of this book is to help mend the relationship between the you that you are now and the you that you want to become (your best self).
You will gain back confidence and wisdom with an in depth view of human fulfillment.  There are over a hundred tools included in this book to help you through times of difficulty so you can maintain self love and become your best self.  The separate companion workbook offers a journaling format to put those tools to work and see your results over time.

You could say I have the coffee pot and you have the coffee beans. Let’s make coffee. I’m sure we could both use the company.  

Apply what you learn from The Book of Self Love with this practical day by day, week by week journal to build self-discipline. Love yourself enough to review your goals regularly.  Keep an attitude of gratitude.  Journal about your dream life.   Practice mindfulness. 

“Train yourself diligently to wield the double edged sword of self-discipline. The gift of victory is self-love.” 
-Nicole Holbrook

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