Personal Growth Books

A practical day by day, week by week journal to build self-discipline. Love yourself enough to review your goals regularly.  Keep an attitude of gratitude.  Journal about your dream life.   Practice mindfulness. 

“Train yourself diligently to wield the double edged sword of self-discipline. The gift of victory is self-love.” 
-Nicole Holbrook

This meal planner is perfect for a family. This weekly layout will allow you to write out your grocery shopping list based on each section of the grocery store. Write each meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner with sides included. Include snack options for the week. Note what is soon to expire and what you are running out of.  

Plan your week ahead! Make it simple and less complicated. Hold yourself accountable and take charge of your health, build your foundation with this simple and easy to use meal planner.

BONUS features:
24 Blank Recipe Cards
12 of Nicole’s Bonus Recipes

“Well Hot Coffee!”
1. Phrase used when one is humorously surprised by something.

(Like your ability to meal plan like a boss.) You got this!

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