Passive Income Opportunities That Don’t Involve Real Estate

Passive Income Opportunities That Don’t Involve Real Estate  Firstly, think about your training, education, and experience.  How can this make an impact on the world? What are the gems you need to share? How can you create content or digital products with your expertise for sustainable passive income? How can you expand your current business […]

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How to Create a Vision Board and Harness the Law of Attraction

  Visualization Similar to the law of attraction, visualization is the mental act of bringing images into your mind.  These images are specific to what you want to create in your life. Visualization is the first step of manifesting your dreams.  Imagining activates certain networks of neurons in your brain. These are pathways that link […]

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Health Lifestyle

Well Hot Coffee Wellness Challenge – Balance Through Natural Rhythms

We all want that feeling… Balance, Clarity, Accomplishment.  That feeling of… “YES I can!” “I am ROCKING this thing!” “I did it!” Well to get there, you have to start with YOU.   You fill so many roles day in and day out.   You have the vision of the best version of you but do you have the action steps to […]

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Home Lifestyle

The Holidays are Coming – Pros and Cons of Real vs Artificial Trees

      Get your holiday swag on this year.  It’s a perfect time to get a head start on the holidays.   Not many folks realize it, but that beautiful bushy tree you set up each year carries some risky business with it.  The traditional tree is made of plastics, chemicals, and treated with […]

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