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Up Your Coffee Game with the CHEMEX Coffee Brewing Method

    Imagine if you actually took time to smell the coffee.   Well Hot Coffee!  There’s something beautiful called a Chemex.  It’s a very simple eco-conscious product that will light up your coffee drinking life. For strong coffee, there’s a specific brewing method that you can read later in this post. The brewing process does […]

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Learn to Eat Organic: Know the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

  Going organic is very much a trend right now and a valuable lifestyle for some.  It’s cool to shop at farmers markets, go vegan, use recycled cloth shopping bags, make your own medicines, and juice.  Why? Well Hot Coffee Because more and more information is becoming available to the consumer.  As we get older […]

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21 Unique Gift Ideas for Her

  Mighty Leaf Teas A gem for tea loving mommas.  They offer USDA certified organic teas, both tea bags and loose leaf. (and their teaware is so practical)  I personally love the Organic African Nectar and *bonus* it supports funding day care and child education programs in the Oudam Farm in South Africa.  Well Hot Coffee! […]

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10 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

What happens when you boost your metabolism? You get more energy and productivity out of your day! (I woke up bright and early to write about this topic.)  Metabolism is the sum total of your biochemistry according to Dr. Diana Schwarzbein.  Her research shows in order to stay healthy you must continuously replace what you […]

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VIVOBAREFOOT – Conscious Living Footwear

                      Have you ever experienced something so life changing that you beg people in your life to experience it too?  That’s how I feel about my VIVOBAREFOOT shoes.    After I stepped into my first pair of VIVOBAREFOOT’s (Primus Trails) I pleaded for my husband and friends […]

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The Ultimate Tool for the Eco Minded

Being aware of the Environmental Working Group changed the way I prepared for parenthood.   As a consumer influenced by advertisements and marketing strategies, it was challenging to put forth effort and do the research.   The Environmental Working Group made it easier to find information on my food, environment, as well as the products I use […]

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