Well Hot Coffee

Get organized with this 6 month meal planner. This is a simple and effective tool to visualize your weekly meals and plan your grocery shopping list based on each section of the grocery store. Write in each meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner with sides included. You also have separate spaces to include snack options for the week. Note what is soon to expire and what you are running out of. Includes 24 Blank Recipe Cards and 12 Bonus Recipes. 


River the Backpacking Raccoon
The SEEKER Series: Maine 

Are you ready to see the world through the eyes of a backpacking raccoon? Get ready to take a journey through the beautiful state of Maine with River. SEEK and SEARCH and FIND all the things that make Maine spectacular in this “I spy” style nature book. 


River the Backpacking Raccoon
(The Spectacular Gem)

As a nocturnal creature, River has come to love photographing the night sky and collecting “gems” (stars). This story is a journey to capture the most spectacular gem ever (the Milky Way) . Along the way, River listens carefully to mother nature and learns important lessons.


Pen the Wicked Zen Hen

What makes a hen happy, healthy, and Zen? Learn Pen the Wicked Zen Hen’s secret to finding her calm. She is a down to earth, funky lookin’ bohemian hen with a lot of spunk at heart. Watch her climb the tallest mountain, surf the big ocean, and tend to her garden. 

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