Nicole here! My friends and family call me “Nik” and you’re welcome to also. I’m a proud working mom to three and wife of Mr. Fantastic.  With my tiny bits of free time I snuggle my cats, talk to my 27 plants, and make every effort to keep up a home.  My degree in creative leadership and my yoga teaching certification help me find the courage and calm among the chaos. Over the years of raising kids, building a marriage, and delving deeper into womanhood I’ve learned to not take life so seriously. You could say that I’m a yogi born again humorist. I’ve found that’s the best way to be present; through that spark of optimism and humor that we all carry within us.  I’m a super big cheeseball, deeply spiritual, but also grounded in family life.  I hope you find Well Hot Coffee to be a place of comfort, encouragement, and fun. 

Well Hot Coffee takes this #adulting and personal growth thing a step further with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This concept encourages us to build up from a strong foundation. You can imagine how challenging it is to juggle all of this trying to achieve health in all areas of our life. Even more so with having a family. The responsibility of each tier of the pyramid grows even bigger as we grow older! 

The Well Hot Coffee 30 Day Wellness Challenge is structured in 4 parts.  Week by week we will be breaking this pyramid down and finding you the right habits that create balance for you and those around you. 

My bigger “why” behind running this site is to dig up all the hidden gems of adulthood. Adulting is hard, heck even being a human is hard.  But it doesn’t have to suck.  You can rock this thing with the right set of tools and habits.  Well Hot Coffee has built content around practical,  tangible, and sustainable tools and habits. 

I coined the term “Well Hot Coffee” as a slang phrase used when one is humorously surprised by something.

(Like your ability to live life like a boss) 

You got this. 


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