3 Steps to a Successful Morning Routine

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The snuggle was real.  Morning after morning I held tight, hiding beneath my 5 layers of bedding, keeping the warmth contained within my blanket fortress every last second I could.

The comfort of my bed was far greater than getting up and walking across the room in the dead cold to turn off the alarm. So it rang. It rang for over an hour most days.

If you have ever succeeded at becoming a morning person you know very well it is a sacred time. During this time you carefully construct how your day will go.

You practice, pray, and prepare. You hardwire your happiness right off the bat. You certainly do not want to listen to someone’s alarm in the next room for more than 20 seconds let alone a whole hour.  My dear husband had too much patience for my laziness.

So if you are like me, struggling to leave the warmth of your bed every morning and then complaining that you don’t have enough time in the day, it is time to make the change. It is time to do something. It is time to adapt to a new way of life.  It is time to get UP so you can rise and shine in your life.


What I did, is I scoured the internet, the library, and self-disciplined minds to figure out exactly what makes a morning person.  You don’t have to like mornings or aim to call yourself a morning person. The goal is to bring self awareness into your life and use the morning routine to win your day and bring more joy and fulfillment into your life.

A lot of what I discovered was more advice based discussion: go to bed early, wake up to music, open the blinds, splash water on your face, drink a gallon of water, have breakfast, write a to-do-list, blah blah blah.

But that doesn’t work for everyone.
What does work is to start with the basics and let your deeper “why” guide you.

Knowing what actions need to be done to get the morning going doesn’t make you a morning person. You must realize that you have a unique purpose in this world and how you boot yourself up for the day ahead is critical to fulfilling that purpose.  

Being a morning person means to live fully and wholeheartedly in the morning so you can carry that overflowing bucket of awesomeness with you throughout your day.



It’s about habit. It’s about purpose. It’s the “why” in what you do everyday. If you don’t have a why, you don’t have motivation, and thus, you do not enforce your habits. It is not an easy transformation from night owl to early bird.

In fact, I used to think that early birds were just made to be that way.  And I certainly was made to be a night owl.

However, after a short while, when I realized the unlimited potential of the wee hours of the morning and how impactful they can be to not only your day, but to your life- I was convinced. It’s time to experience this magic in full force.

So you’re up, now what?


If you have heard of Tim Ferris, Hal Elrod, or Jim Kwik (just to name a few) you may already know a thing or two about morning routines. They have become the masters at building a morning routine.  Hal Elrod also has a motivational book called The Miracle Morning. It’s worth checking out. Basically they wake up at their desired hour and do the same thing every morning.

For example…

Tim Ferris’s Routine:
Makes Bed

Drinks Tea with MCT Oils
Eats Breakfast

You can include anything you want in your morning routine, but you really want to experiment and see what kind of sequence works best to keep you working and creating efficiently through the whole day.

After experimenting, I have found this morning boot up sequence works best for me:

  1. Get an awesome night’s rest on my Intellibed, wake up and make my bed.
  2. Ayurvedic Ritual – Brush Teeth, Tongue Scrape, Wash Face
  3. Fill my Yeti Rambler with water, drink a full container, then fill again to drink casually throughout the morning.
  4. Meditation/Breath work while I wait for water kettle to heat. 
  5. Drink Green Tea with a teaspoon ACV, 1 tablespoon Manuka honey, and ½ teaspoon of organic refined Coconut oil.
  6. Complete my Daily Check In – (Get the free Daily Check In Tool here)
  7. 10 Sun Salutations on my lovely Jade Yoga Mat
  8. 3-5 minute Cold Shower
  9. 100% Pure Skin Care Routine
  10. Breakfast with Coffee (KOA Coffee if I’m spoiling myself)

Because I am a working mom, I choose to wake up extra early (5 AM) to ensure I get the 2 extra hours I need for my boot up routine and morning power hour.  If you want to do the same, think about this: instead of waking up to your family, wake up for your family.  That’s what powers my why.



This is the time to show the world what you got.  This is the hour of the day where your productivity can be used in full force and only so because you have established a boot up routine to get you there.  You may choose to further your self care during this morning power hour, or maybe you choose to work out, or maybe you choose to start writing a book. This is the hour to put forth action that correspond to your deeper why.  Do one thing each day that will get you closer to achieving your life’s purpose.

Before we even step out the door and start our day, life already demands so much from us. Once you are out the door it continues: meetings, deadlines, and projects.  All of which require you to have a high degree of attention to complete.

When you wake up by choice, you are immediately bettering your habits.  You are taking control. You are setting yourself up to discover and cultivate your purpose in this world. You are in control of your day rather than your day being in control of you. Day by day you gain control of your weeks, your months, your year, and your life.


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