Olive Quiche From My Head Tomatoes

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Here at Well Hot Coffee, you may have notice we are focused on natural living / non-toxic living.
That means the recipes will be too! (As close as possible)

The recipe you see here was featured in Well Hot Coffee’s Simple Meal Planner


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There are two ways that I like to make quiche.

With milk and without milk.   So, the recipe you will see here is with milk.

1/2 cup milk makes it a bit smoother.

It can also be done without milk, so you can make a killer quiche and help our your non-dairy belly or friends/families tummies.

For non-dairy folks: 
In place of the feta, I recommend avocado slices.

Gluten free folks: 
If you want to go crustless and save time, I recommend greasing the pie pan with 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil and then pouring your quiche mixture right into the pan.






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