Well Hot Coffee 30 Day Challenge – Finding Balance Through Natural Rhythms

We all want that feeling...

Balance, Clarity, Accomplishment. 

That feeling of… 
“YES I can!” 
“I am ROCKING this thing!” 
“I did it!”

Well to get there, you have to start with YOU.  

You fill so many roles day in and day out.  

You have the vision of the best version of you but do you have the action steps to get there?

I pull teachings from my yoga certification and degree in leadership into a one month flow of bite sized lessons so you can go deeper into your work and cultivate a purpose driven life.  This natural framework built on the sun and moon cycles will not only boost short term goals, but assist you in sustaining long term goals. 

In this 30 Day Challenge I have created for you, it will allow you to get clear on your goals, manage work and personal life, and do it with grace and ease so you do not compromise those who matter most in life, including yourself.

In our day and age we are taught to over work and get results.

 Now is the time to work smarter, not harder.  

So what does that mean? To focus on one thing at a time?  

It’s such a busy world, we are always asked to multi task and get so much done within a set amount of time. 

Do we ever just focus on one thing at a time? Rarely, I’m sure. 

This 30 Day Challenge will help you find balance, clarity, and accomplishment in your daily routines.



Week 1

Focus on the basics. This first week is about eating well, meal planning, and gradually adjusting your sleep schedule.   You are focusing on self care and deep intention setting this week with the new moon.  

Included in Week 1:
FREE Meal Planning Tools
FREE Daily Self Care Check In 

Week 2

After a week of eating and sleeping well, it’s time to dig deeper with time management.  That means finding time for those that matter most to you. This is a time of maximum productivity as we move from the first quarter moon to the full moon.  

Included in Week 2:
7 Day Social Media Cleanse

Week 3

After a couple weeks of adjusting your mindset and habits, it’s time to refocus on self care.  When you’re in the middle of something it can feel like the hardest part. I have more FREE tools to help you fill yourself back up. Allow your intentions to come full circle with the full moon.  

Included in Week 3:
Access to Nik’s ultimate Self Care list
BONUS eBOOK (More to come) 

Week 4

You’re a boss at this time management thing by now.  Now I can share with you my ultimate time management tool that you can use to your advantage.  This is a time to maximize white space activities and deeply reflect on your last 21 days.

Included in Week 4:
Access to Well Hot Coffee’s Facebook Community

Click here if you’re ready to join the challenge!


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