How to Meal Plan Like a Boss and Why Meal Planning Is Important

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Everyday, three times a day for weeks, months, and years I dreaded planning and preparing meals and anything to do with meal planning.  It was absolute resistance. Finally I gave in.

Why is it that we need or want to meal plan?

What’s the point and purpose to all of it?

Before moving on to anything else, you must ensure this basic need is met.  Let’s get straight to the point.

Food converts to energy.

Put good in, get good out, right?

The biggest energy hog of all is your brain.  It takes up a massive 20% of the total energy supplied to your body.  So if you want to achieve your life’s purpose you have to put in 100% effort to meet this need.

Remember that your unique physiology will not allow a one-size-fits-all nutritional plan.  I encourage you to learn what foods work with you and what foods do not. As with any lifestyle change, take your time and do not adjust everything all at once.  Rapid adjustments can be physiologically stressful. Always consult a professional/physician/health expert before making any changes.

So back to FOOD.

It is your foundation.

It is the first laying of bricks as you build your empire of self care.  

“Ok Nik, I get it – food is good for you, blah, blah blah.”

Yes, dear friends, I’m with you.
Getting organized is the hard part….

So what I did is started real simple.


With my Simple Meal Planner, you take it week by week.

(from a working mom with a family of 5, taking it one week at a time, even just ONE DAY at a time is all you can do.)

This planner has been a life savor.  Now I very rarely forget anything at the store.

First you start with your grocery list:

I personally like to do 2 grocery trips per week:
One big trip on Sunday to get all of the important items before the week begins.  Then one small trip on Thursday to get any last minute items or items we run out of early before the weekend begins.  (This way you can thoroughly enjoy your weekend. Plan it out!)

The Simple Meal Planner grocery list breaks up each section of the grocery store, so it’s smooth sailing as you parade through.  

Then once you have your list together for the week you can layout your weekly meals by breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

That’s it! Nothing fancy!

Keep it simple.  It’s SO wonderful having everything in one place.  This planner has truly inspired me to try new recipes. Thank goodness for my KitchenAid appliance, they’ve really been holding up a good fight.

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Just think about how organized you could be if you:

  • Build your weekly grocery list.
  • Plan out your weekly meals.
  • Make fewer runs to the grocery store.
  • Have all of your recipes IN HAND when you plan and do your shopping so YOU DON’T MISS ANYTHING.
  • Look to the BONUS Recipes when you need inspiration!


The Simple Meal Planner also has bonus features on each week so you can list snack options, what is expiring, what you are out of, and notes if you have guests, a night out, etc.

The bonuses in the back of the Simple Meal Planner include 24 blank recipe cards and 12 of my personal favorite recipes!  I truly hope you enjoy them!

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