The Holidays are Coming – Pros and Cons of Real vs Artificial Trees

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Get your holiday swag on this year.  It’s a perfect time to get a head start on the holidays.  

Not many folks realize it, but that beautiful bushy tree you set up each year carries some risky business with it.  The traditional tree is made of plastics, chemicals, and treated with flame retardants that can off gas and possibly cause health issues.  The real trees can also bring some unwanted friends in, or potentially harmful chemicals used by the farm to keep bugs off. 

So I have a treat for you. There is a company that really does this non-toxic holiday decor right.  So after you consider the Pro’s And Con’s of Artificial Vs Real tree, you may want to look into a new, artificial, non-toxic, and realistic christmas tree through Balsam Hill.  




No watering or vacuuming, sweeping
Designed to be fire-retardant
Do not trigger allergies
Can be re-used for many years
Can be stored


Treated with chemicals
Materials contain chemicals
Off gassing
Production affects carbon footprint
Can look too fake
Space needed for storage


They smell good
Experience of picking the perfect tree

Needles dropping, constantly sweeping and vacuuming
Easily Dried out, creates a fire hazard
Requires waterings
Might bring in bugs, mold, fungus
Possibly treated with chemicals, pesticides
Purchasing every year
Sticky sap

Pros for Balsam Hill
Balsam Hill trees are #1 in realism.
They have gorgeous, realistic, one of a kind fall decor and faux florals.
They offer branch sample kits so you can choose the right one for your home.
You can explore their dozens of decorating ideas. (It’s better than Pinterest!)
The company was inspired by a family member with allergies to live trees.
Yes, they have pre-lit trees, hand strung and they are LED.
Trees are easily assembled and easy to store.
Balsam Hill actively participates in several charity organizations.  They are givers.
They offer a three year limited warranty.


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