Benefits of a Social Media Cleanse

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Recently I went on a social media cleanse.   Only for a weekend, but it helped increase my productivity like crazy.   That weekend I launched myself into a new project, and within a couple weeks I had penned and illustrated my first children’s book.    Since then I have been pouring every effort into my personal growth book.

Being that we are all about effective, productive, sustainable, happy habits here at Well Hot Coffee, I thought it would be important to write to you about doing a social media cleanse.   It frees up so much more time for you do to the things you have always dreamt of doing, but made excuses for.




So after doing my social media cleanse and working long and hard on a new project, I am so excited to announce that The Book of Self Love Workbook  will be available in the upcoming weeks.  Here is a sneak peak of 1 of the hundred + self love practices to help you live a more fulfilling life.   My Book is PROOF that these self love practices WORK. You can reach your “all I can be” you.   You have to clear the clutter, slay through the work, and rest deservingly in your gifts.



“Do not let this normalized habit of constantly checking your phone keep you from accomplishing your dreams.  It is one of the biggest interferences from staying on top of our goals.

Why you need time away from social media every now and then: 

It is a whole lot of pressure to keep up with everyone else in the world.  Well guess what- you don’t have to. Stop comparing yourself to what Fred and Betty are doing with their lives.  You are in your own process.  And no one is asking you to post a selfie every day.  (We still know what you look like from the one yesterday.)  Let go of this image you have of yourself. Be a real person in the real world doing real things. It is also way too easy these days to just say “happy birthday” or check out someone’s profile to see what they are up.   The fear of missing out is even more heightened by social media.  Do not be a victim to this anxiety.

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How do you know you need a social media cleanse? 

Inspiration is lost 

You’re behind on goals, lists, projects 

Scrolling becomes mindless and habitual 

You’re stressed or anxious when you check social media

You ask social media before making decisions 

Ultimately you are disempowering yourself. Social media can do amazing things for business, but for personal life, it can leave you feeling incredibly distant from yourself.  Try seeing the world through your own eyes rather than a screen.  


Benefits of a social media cleanse? 

Prioritizing yourself

Encourages person-to-person interaction

Could reduce anxiety or depression

More time for hobbies or interests

Better sleep 

Better focus

More time for self love”


-Nicole Holbrook

Join my Well Hot Coffee 30 Day Challenge for Balance through Natural Rhythms.  We do a 7 Day Social Media Cleanse and go deep with inner work to cultivate a purpose driven life. 🙂 

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