What’s Up with Grass Fed?

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Everyone is raving about Grass Fed Produce.  Why is that? Because more and more information is becoming available to the consumer.  It is now an established lifestyle habit to do the appropriate research on our food before we purchase it. If you are like me and have become so picky about where your food comes from and how it is raised, then read on, wild thing.  There are many gems on the topic of food at Well Hot Coffee.


Learn to Eat Organic: Know the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen


Let’s Talk Grass Fed 

OK, OK Vegans. I know, I know. I used to be one of you. It was hard, and I completely respect your lifestyle choice to better this planet.   But we have to admit, there are so many people out there that LOVE a good steak dinner. Some of those people are hard working moms. (Like me).

So when we make the commitment to the planet and still need to have a piece of flesh between our teeth, why not choose a company like US Wellness Meats that humanely raises their animals and gives them the best grass to graze on.   They will get you the healthiest, best tasting, grass fed meats to your front door within 2 business days.

Grain Fed- Vs Grass Fed
Choosing grass fed gives you more of the nutrients your body needs and less of the harmful chemicals contained in conventional grain fed produce. Grains are often GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) which have been debated to be harmful to the environment, animals, and even humans.  Naturally, Grass fed beef has higher levels of Omega 3s, amino acids, and vitamins. It also has naturally less fat than grain fed beef. Well Hot Coffee!


Grass Fed and Organic

Grass Fed is not always organic, so if you intend to purchase organic grass fed produce, do the appropriate research with the company or farm you are working with. Not only does US Wellness Meats offer sustainably raised grass fed produce, but they offer options for special diets such as Keto, Paleo, Whole30, Sugar Free, and Autoimmune Protocol.  Based on the United States agriculture industry, organic means grown without GMOs, synthetic pesticides, petroleum based fertilizers, and sewage based fertilizers (Help Guide).

Humanely Raised
Compassion is something that is growing in our food industry when it comes to raising animals. US Wellness Meats gives their animals the best land to graze on. The company compares their cattles’ lifestyle to that of the great American Bison that grazed on the same land years ago.

By applying these same practices, US Wellness Meats farmers have introduced the same thriving balance to our own farms. Our animals don’t need antibiotics or growth hormones to grow big and healthy. Our land doesn’t need pesticides or artificial irrigation systems to develop rich, fertile biodiversity.”

US Wellness Meats

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What about Grass Fed Dairy?
Yes, Grass Fed Dairy is a thing. Grass Fed Milk has a unique grassy flavor vs. conventional milk or even organic grain fed milk. US Wellness Meats has some cheese and butter options, although it is not their own.  Grass Fed cheeses and butters are packed full of nutrients and have more flavor than conventional cheeses and butters. Grass Fed Organic Ghee Butter is where it’s at, which is clarified butter with a higher smoking point.  

Pastured Poultry
US Wellness also carries pastured poultry and duck.  Their birds are free-range and do not have added hormones or antibiotics. They now also carry soy-free poultry, which means the birds do not have soy in their diet.

There are countless intangibles when it comes to choosing sustainably raised food. For 18 years US Wellness Meats has committed to humane farming practices.  They take care of their land and their animals. They produce healthy food so you can have a healthy family.


Help Guide – Organic Foods: What You Need to Know

US Wellness Meats

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