Awesome (And Kinda Punny) Gifts For Him

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There’s something special about a well thought out gift for Dad or your Hubby or Partner.   Some years, as partners or children, we are right on, nailed it, and perhaps even have more excitement than he does opening the gift.  …And other years we are not so on top of things…



Here are some unique gift ideas to make the occasion oh so memorable. 


Send him on a photography adventure or let him geek out on new gadgets!  Canon offers beginner style cameras, lenses, and accessories.  If he needs something for his home office, they offer top rated products.
(My hubby ISO in love with their DSLRs)

Unlocking your family history can be thrilling.  It’s amazing how far back you can track your lineage.  This is a hobby that becomes equally exciting and relaxing.  If your hubby or dad is a little old fashioned, this could be the gem you’re looking for.

One word: Personalization.  These business owners must have so much fun creating their products for Etsy.  Let’s be honest, we all needle little inspiration finding a gift.  Which wool you choose?

Life is Good
A super casual clothing company that has a mission to spread the word of optimism.  Their story is pretty darn remarkable. They also donate 10% of profits to kids in need.

Maybe a new chair, a unique piece of artwork, or maybe a whole room makeover…. When you find an awesome company like Wayfair, home life becomes so much better.   Furniture, decor, outdoor items, storage, lighting, you name it. They also have fantastic customer service, which is so underrated these days.

Avocado Green Mattress
Non-toxic living is a big deal.  If Papa Bear has had trouble sleeping maybe it’s time to try a new mattress.   Avocado Green Mattresses make healthy sleep possible. You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, why not choose a safer option?


US Wellness Meats
OK, OK Vegans, I know. I support you completely.   But we have to accept there are so many people out there that LOVE a good steak dinner and some of those are hard working dads.  And it’s rare to find an sustainably sourced steak these days! 


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Uncommon Goods
Well Hot Coffee, what a neat company. Their story is based on a demand for beautiful design.  When you find that unique gift for Mom, don’t forget to select the company you wish donate $1 to at checkout.

Have you ever experienced something so life changing that you beg people in your life to experience it too?  That’s how I feel about my VIVOBAREFOOT shoes.    After I stepped into my first pair of VIVOBAREFOOT’s (Primus Trails) I pleaded for my husband and friends to join the tribe (and now my husband loves his Primus Trails).  I just felt so grounded every time I wore them, I couldn’t help but share the love with others.

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Jade Yoga Mats
Working or exhaustion is often remedied by exercise.  If he is the yogic type, you may want to look into the Jade Yoga mats. They have a phenomenal grip.  They do not get slippery even when sweating. Using a Jade Yoga Mat will help you with a wide stance because they grip so well.  And for every mat sold, Jade Yoga plants a tree. What a tree-mendous company!

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Barnes & Noble
Is he a bookworm? Does he love reading to your kiddos? Board games, books, ebooks, music, movies, tech, pop culture favorites, yup Barnes & Noble has really stepped up their game.



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