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There’s a lot more to this adulting thing than having a good credit score, getting married, being promoted, buying a home, becoming a parent etc. You can have all of those things and still have things to work on.  We all do our best, but sometimes there’s more we need to do for ourselves.

It’s totally okay to feel lost. Some of us are completely lost while others followed through with their intentions and arrived safely to their destination. Even the folks that have their ducks in a row are seeking more.

This article provides the outline from my recent release, The Book of Self Love Workbook.
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Basic Needs:
Food:  When it comes to food, it’s important to stay within the healthy spectrum of options.   It’s never a bad idea to spend a little extra on food, because hey- it’s your health! If you struggle eating and need some structure, there is this incredible app called Cronometer.  It tracks your food, nutrients, and delicious points-oops I meant calories.

Sleep: well duh, common sense right, but are you really getting the most out of your resting cycle?  Here are 8 Tips to Conquer Poor Sleep.

Breathing / Stress Management: It may seem silly to put this as a basic need, but air is an essential part of your well being. The very act of breathing outward calms the nervous system, thus allowing your body to relax, and manage any kind of stress response.

Safety and Security
Safety has a very wide spectrum.  First of all, you don’t want to put you and your family at risk in an unsafe environment.  Here’s something else to think about…

I sat down with my oldest son recently to explain the pyramid of needs you will see below, also called Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.  My son brought up a really good point: keeping a clean and tidy home is part of being safe.  We don’t want to be tripping over toys, letting baby brother pop legos in his mouth, or let food sit out to attract ants.  So we can be proactive and make sure the house is safe and comfortable for everyone.

Money/Financial Security:  The root of our security.  Managing money is challenging, but once you start it does get easier.   When you find yourself struggling, something that may be helpful is to find someone to look up to, like Kate Northrup for example.  Find yourself a good role model and take it one day at a time!

Another way you can keep your financial situation financial secure is through Life Lock.  They provide identity theft services and you can read more about it here.


Socialization is critically important to our health.   You may be one of the lucky ones whose relationships have been built over a lifetime.  But maybe you need to work on this part of your life. One often forgotten tool we have is social media. (It’s a blessing and a curse).   Don’t isolate yourself by thinking you can just connect with family and friends online and not actually have in-person interactions. Socializing is part of well-rounded health.  On the plus side, there are communities within social media sites that really bring more meaning to your life, whatever hobby, lifestyle, or experience you are part of.

That resume though… We’ve all put countless hours into it. Maybe you already found that dream job, or you decided to create your dream job.  Many of us millennials have struggled to land our first big kid job so now we are left wondering if our degree was worth the giant pile of debt we accrued.  Well Hot Coffee, this is a beautiful time to be alive. I am a firm believer that if you do not love what you are doing, then you need to start creating work that you love doing.  What have you felt called to do? Maybe Start a Blog? Perhaps go back to school? Try the Well Hot Coffee 30 Day Challenge and put your superpowers to the test.

Carrying an attitude of gratitude does not require you to be religious or spiritual.  It requires you to be connected with yourself and to world around you. Starting a journal or workbook or gifting one is a great place to start.   Dropping your attention your heart center and digging deep into genuine happiness is so mentally and emotionally rewarding.

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This is the foundation of your personality.  You live through self expression by your words, clothing, hair, creativity, and spirit.  So speak genuinely, wear what you want, style how you want, and create what you want. Just like what you like and don’t try to follow the crowd.

Maybe you have noticed already that each point we lead up to is directly related to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  The Book of Self Love Workbook is based on this concept and it includes over 100 ways to practice self-care.

Last, but certainly not least….

It’s more than what you learn in school, college, life experience, etc.  and you can read all the self help books you want but it really takes a whole lifetime to grow your awareness.  We will have dozens of teachers over our years that will be the wind behind our sails, but it is our responsibility to keep them open as adults.

People of all ages are still figuring this one out, so don’t worry. There is a brilliant concept that I learned from yoga teacher training that I now apply to every single thing in my life. It goes something like this…

There is a lesson in everything.  Every motion, every posture, every session.  You are taught everything in the sequence it is to be presented to you. You learn everything at the moment you need to.  There is no shortcut.

Translation:  Be Patient. There is nothing more exciting than knowing you are going somewhere spectacular, but enjoy the journey of adulthood.


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