7 Reasons Why I Blog (And Why You Should Too)

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Yes, there are countless intangibles when you start a blog.  We all need a place to slow down and become better versions of ourselves. Running your own blog can offer this! Imagine the tools you could have under your belt in a year from now if you started today.   How would your life change?

(Blogging totally makes me feel more adult.)

Now there’s a lot of fun in imagining but let’s get back to reality.   You may be wondering where to start and how to make a living blogging.  At first it takes every bit of patience and then some to be successful.  (And a lot of sweat and tears.) Like climbing a mountain, the terrain is tough sometimes.  Just make sure you carry yourself with confidence and stay on the trail.


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Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s just not. We know that it cannot be forced and we know that it can be blocked.   Do we want either? Of course not! So let me tell you how we can harness the cycle of creativity for blog writing.   It’s important to surrender your judgements, misconceptions, and fears in order to let your inner child play.  Seek out as many resources as possible to keep your inner child happy.  One of my favorite FREE tools to use while blogging is dictionary.com and thesaurus.com.   It gives every post more flavor. It’s also pretty rad that they list “boss” as synonym for “good.”  Well hot coffee!


Immerse yourself in your work and spend equally as much time resting effortlessly. Yes, resting effortlessly takes practice.  The next time you return to your occupation try to focus 100% of your attention on where you are, what you are doing, and how you can do it to the best of your ability.  This is called meditation in action.  How often are you able to sink into relaxation knowing that you really gave something your all?  If it’s often you must have superpowers! Keep being awesome. But for most of us, multitasking has become a conditioned habit which draws our attention to too many things at once resulting in less than best performance.  Go all in on each individual task. Make it meditative that way you can breathe easy throughout the journey and enjoy the destination that much more.



Discipline is a double-edged sword. Hold on to it carefully and it will be of great value to you.  But how does one find this magical gift? You don’t. You earn it. With time it becomes more polished and smooth. Eventually every step you take is graceful and balanced despite the heavy weight of responsibility.


Once upon a time I truly thought the four year degree I earned was not going to be useful.    If you have ever felt the same try to learn more about what you are good at. Look deeper within your talents and become adaptable.   This is something that folks often take for granted; everyone is in their own process of growth. Honor your process. There is a lesson in everything.




This was the most surprising part of diving into the blogging world.  Believe it or not there is an ocean of people out there that you can jump aboard with on social media. After taking the leap into the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course I realized this path was going to lead to some pretty spectacular life events.  I totally recommend this course to anyone who is interested in furthering their online presence.   Not only does it offer superb content but the community of entrepreneurs you are introduced to can really fill you up with inspiration.  They are there to help you through your unanswered questions so you can present your best content to your own community in the making.


At this point in my journey being adventurous involves trying a new recipe or going shampoo free. For most bloggers travel is a big part of their life. And it’s a sustainable life if you do it right.  Once you reach your goal of financial freedom it is possible to go nomad. Digital nomad is the ultimate dream of many bloggers. If it calls to you don’t wait another second, get your blog started and make money!


What is the ultimate goal in life? Every adult will likely say “happiness” but I have a better one for you.  How about “fulfillment.” We can get there by setting goals- and oh boy what a great feeling it is to see our goals through.  When you enter the world of blogging you are met with many different paths so choose wisely my friends. Whatever direction you go be sure to set solid goals and see every step through.   The fulfillment found in this type of work does not come easy, but it is deeply felt when all of the above are part of the experience. Ultimately being creative, productive, disciplined, adventurous, and part of a growing community is what I have found to be the most exhilarating part of blogging.   I hope you do too! Good luck!

17% of Bloggers make enough money to support their family.


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