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Have you ever experienced something so life changing that you beg people in your life to experience it too?  That’s how I feel about my VIVOBAREFOOT shoes.    After I stepped into my first pair of VIVOBAREFOOT’s (Primus Trails) I pleaded for my husband and friends to join the tribe (and now my husband loves his Primus Trails).  I just felt so grounded every time I wore them, I couldn’t help but share the love with others.

Here are 6 reasons why you might consider barefoot shoes:

Living in a colder region and only having about 4 months of reasonably warm weather to walk outside barefoot. My feet were screaming for more freedom in cold months. Who doesn’t feel awesome after a good barefoot session?  Just think about feeling grounded every time you put your shoes on, no matter the season.

Besides the benefits of going barefoot are endless – given your environment allows for you to safely ground yourself. And even if you are not much of an outdoor type, you can feel grounded even if your feet aren’t touching sand, grass, or dirt.



VIVOBAREFOOTdoes a lot of research to show just how important it is to give more attention to our feet. They put as little as possible between the ground and your feet so it allows the abundance of nerve endings in each foot to be activated. Those nerve endings send signals to the brain, allowing us to respond better to our environment. If they are weakened due to a restricting shoe, the muscles and tendons in our feet cannot respond naturally. That’s the science in a nutshell.

Read more on the science behind VIVOBAREFOOT.

I never want to buy another pair of shoes again. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a lady and I certainly love to shop for shoes. (VIVOBAREFOOT’s website makes it easy to do so). However, as you move through life typically what happens is you start to be more practical about your purchases.

One thing I will always, always, always do when considering a purchase is ask about a guarantee. VIVOBAREFOOT offers a 6 month guarantee on their hand-cut products for anything outside normal “wear and tear.” Always be sure to learn about warranties and put more trust in your purchases.

A decent minimalist shoe is hard to come by, especially when you have a particular style. The good news about this company is that they do focus on the style and the quality. They offer shoes for exercise, hiking, off road, kids, and everyday. Their collection of everyday shoes also has a fair share of dress shoes. Winterproof and watersport shoes are also offered for the more playful folks. Well hot coffee, there really is something for everyone.

I want to share a tip that helped so much when I tried my first pair.   
Take time to work on proper posture when you transition to barefoot shoes. If you have shoes that work well for your everyday routine, then don’t change anything!  If you want to try something new in hopes of your feet rediscovering their natural senses, VIVOBAREFOOT is a great option.  Make the best decision for your body.


VIVOBAREFOOT offers a six month sustainability guarantee on certain products if purchased directly through the company.  “Well Hot Coffee!”



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