Day: April 20, 2018

7 Reasons Why I Blog (And Why You Should Too)

Yes, there are countless intangibles when you start a blog.  We all need a place to slow down and become better versions of ourselves. Running your own blog can offer this! Imagine the tools you could have under your belt in a year from now if you started today.   How would your life change? (Blogging […]

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VIVOBAREFOOT – Conscious Living Footwear

                      Have you ever experienced something so life changing that you beg people in your life to experience it too?  That’s how I feel about my VIVOBAREFOOT shoes.    After I stepped into my first pair of VIVOBAREFOOT’s (Primus Trails) I pleaded for my husband and friends […]

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The Ultimate Tool for the Eco Minded

Being aware of the Environmental Working Group changed the way I prepared for parenthood.   As a consumer influenced by advertisements and marketing strategies, it was challenging to put forth effort and do the research.   The Environmental Working Group made it easier to find information on my food, environment, as well as the products I use […]

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